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Steaks are a messy business in the restaurant industry.  There are so many different names, labels, and grades for just one cut of meat.  And sometimes the names or cuts aren’t even real – just something to make the steak sound more appealing.  We want to arm you with information so that when you go out for a fantastic steak dinner, you are getting what you pay for.  To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of common steak names and descriptors and what cut of meat they actually are.

Sirloin Filet, sounds great, but is the butchered muscle from the top sirloin.

Flat Iron Steak, is from the chuck primal cut, made to look like NY Strip Steak

Rib Filet, is on the chuck side of the front side of the rib

Signature Sirloin, could be anything from the top round

Seared Sirloin, could be anything!

And here is a list of questions to ask when going out for a steak dinner to ensure you are getting what you are paying for:

Are your steaks primal cuts?

What cut is this steak from?

What grade of meat do you use?

Is it Certified Black Angus?

Why do you use so many adjectives to describe your steaks?

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