Black Label Burger

Everyone’s got the best burger recipe. Well, everything thinks they have the best burger recipe. And just about everyone’s got a secret they don’t want to share – a pinch of chili powder or splash of worcestershire – just like making red sauce or chili. So, in an attempt to finally put this matter to rest, we’ve curated a best burger roundup. This is a list of the best, most interesting, and delicious recipes we’ve found on the web for the creation of a delectable burger. Try one, try some, or try them all!


Bobby Flay’s Perfect Burger

Bobby Flay’s Perfect Burger

A thorough investigation of the anatomy of the perfect burger

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger

Pug Burger from Food & Wine’s Top 10


Food & Wine’s Top 10 Burgers

The Perfect Burger by the Experts

Another perfect Burger Recipe

Cooking Channel tells us the secrets to the best burgers


Five Simple Grilling Tips for the best burgers

Are there any tips we’ve missed? How do you make your best burger?

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